United Builders can help you select and install any type of flooring for your home. We use only our own professional and highly trained installers to ensure the highest quality installations. Proper installations are important to having long lasting Wood, Laminate, Carpet or Tile flooring that you can utilize for many many years to come.
Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are regaining their popularity with homeowners because of their classic and elegant look. After a hardwood floor installation, Austin area residents can redesign their homes without having to further change their flooring. Hardwood floors are quite adaptable to any design; in fact, they complement most home décor. We will discuss floating, nailing and glue down installations as well as which method will be best for your home or business during your free in home consultation.


  • Laminate Wood Floors provide excellent visuals that emulate the most popular species of wood and tile from around the world. Today’s laminate flooring is so advanced that when Integrity Constructive Solutions installs laminate flooring in your home most people can’t tell the difference between laminate and hard wood flooring or tiles.
  • Laminate flooring carries long term warranties of 25 years on wear, fade, and stain.
  • Laminate flooring is economical.
  • Durable and long-lasting, laminate flooring installation is virtually maintenance-free and the finish will look new for many years.
  • Installation is faster than hardwood flooring.
  • Moisture-resistant laminate wood flooring installations are for every room in the home


Tile floors are incredibly advantageous from all of perspectives: layout, cleaning up, not to point out that a floor home heating system may well keep a warm, comfortable home all through winter months, providing you additional space even without the heaters. As a result, tile floors provide not just usefulness, but design as well as very good taste, too.